Some watercolor portraits I did on old sketchpad paper that my mom found when they cleaned~~

There’s one of Olga Moskvina, the other two I found in magazines.

Some of my prints from Film 110 class this sem.  I took the photos using my second-hand Pentax K-1000, with Lucky ASA 100 b&w film and developed the film and prints in FI’s dark room.

Sadly these were taken by my Ipod since I don’t have a scanner…

I learned a lot from this class and I will definitely miss being in the dark room… ;m;

DIY Hand-sewn and Recycled Pencil Holder

Materials: plastic yogurt container, fabric swatches, thread

It took me 6~ hours to finish this thing.  Making the cloth base was the hardest, I really wish I had a sewing machine…  Sewing the swatches look patchy indeed as I didn’t have time to fold the edges for a neater finish.  This was done for DC’s booth in the design expo that will be held in the College of Architecture drafting building tomorrow and on Saturday.  I hope it looks boho-ish because that was the style in mind when I did this.